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1,000 Points on 2 Hour Massages

With Neroli Reward points having expired this past November, we thought 2017 would be the perfect time to offer guests the opportunity to receive DOUBLE NEROLI REWARD POINTS throughout the year so they can rebuild their rewards quicker. Each month, … Continued


Spring/Summer Hair Ideas

Get the best tips, tricks, and inspo for this season’s hottest Spring/Summer trends… WOMEN Color. Cut. Customization. There is no shortage of trends this spring/summer. We are here to help you find which trends to try or maybe leave for the celebrities. Aveda color is … Continued


Cleansing Juice Recipes

Body Cleanser Drink this to flush toxins from your system. It is essential to mix beet juice with milder juices. If you eat a lot of meat, than this juice is for you. This recipes makes 8 ounces: 2-3 carrots 1/2 … Continued


Manicure & Pedicure From $50

Hello Summer Is there anything better than warm weather, patio happy hours, and beach vacays? We know that its easy to pick up a bottle of polish and give yourself a DIY manicure, but after the cold winter your nails … Continued


Is Your Scalp Balanced?

It’s Like A Facial For Your Scalp Aveda has launch a new product line: Pramasana. It targets what most of us need, but aren’t currently doing — scalp care. The average person typically has some sort of concern with their … Continued

Current Offers, Mother's Day

BONUS $20 For Mom

Whether it’s a special gift for you, or an extra gift to give to mom, don’t miss out on this opportunity for a $20 bonus gift card. This tempting offer is available now through Mother’s Day when you purchase a gift card of $150 or … Continued