Well-maintained nails are essential for a healthy appearance. With the care of superior nail designers, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and beautiful. While relaxing in your nail suite chair, our concierge can assist with making  future reservations, product purchases or complete your checkout. All Neroli Nail Services include: nail shaping, cuticle treatment, application of moisturizer and a meticulous polish.

*Open-toed sandals are recommended for pedicure services. Please do not shave within 24 hours of your pedicure service to avoid irritation. * Click here to view the newest OPI collection.

Natural Nails

Chakra Reflexology Pedicure 90 minutes – from $75
Chakra Balancing Manicure 75 minutes – from $45

Stimulate and awaken your hands/feet with this aromatic manicure or pedicure that includes a thorough, 30-minute massage of specific pressure points on the hands/feet to improve circulation, relieve stress and bring balance to the body.

Stone Pedicure 90 minutes – from $70

Experience the revitalizing benefits of warmth. Using the indigenous elements of cedar, sage and sweet grass, combined with polished basalt lava stones that are utilized during the massage, this full-service pedicure provides a restorative balance to the entire body.

Stress-fix™ Pedicure 75 minutes – from $75
Stress-fix™ Manicure 60 minutes – from $50

Clinically proven to reduce feeling of stress, the Stress-Fix™ aroma with lavender, lavendin and clary sage are incorporated throughout this manicure or pedicure to calm and rejuvenate. This treatment not only exfoliates and softens the cuticle, but also treats the arms and hands or legs and feet with 15 minutes of hand or foot using pressure points to balance the body. Enjoy a neck, shoulder and scalp massage along with your nail treatment. 

Extended Wear Pedicure 75 minutes – from $60
Extended Wear Manicure 45 minutes – from $45

Whether you’re prefer OPI Gel or Shellac™, the result is the same as it gives you gorgeous, high gloss nails that are instantly dry with zero chipping for up to 14 days! Natural Nails have never looked better.

Extended Wear Polish Removal 15-30 minutes – from $15 *includes a shoulder and neck massage

Neroli Spa Pedicure 60 minutes – from $60
Neroli Spa Manicure 60 minutes – from $40

Restore dry, weathered skin with moisture-rich oils and a warm towel in this full-service, customized manicure or pedicure. Choose a customized hand or foot treatment at the time of your service. Finish with a meticulous polish.

Your nail designer will incorporate one of the following treatment enhancements based on your needs.

Rejuvenating Spa Masque:
Lighten the appearance of dark spots and smooth the texture of the skin with this masque, rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and powerful plant antioxidants. Your hands and feet will appear refreshed and smooth.

Cooling Treatment Masque:
Extracts of peppermint and Chinese wintergreen are combined with aloe and rosewater to create this incredibly hydrating masque that is perfect for tired, stressed skin.

Sea Salt Glow:
In this exhilarating treatment, invigorating dead sea salts scrub away rough skin as meadow foam seed oil and jojoba oil leave hands and feet feeling like new. This treatment also finishes with a hydrating paraffin masque.

Soothing Sea Masque:
Treat your hands and feet with this rich, hydrating masque infused with purifying essential oils and seaweed harvested off the coast of Hawaii. Your skin will emerge smooth, fresh and glowing!

Elemental Nature Pedicure 45 minutes – from $50
Elemental Nature Manicure 45 minutes – from $30

Personalized to your senses, this restorative, full-service manicure or pedicure includes a stress relieving hand/arm or foot/leg massage. The pedicure includes an exfoliating salt scrub and the manicure includes a hot towel treatment.

Men’s Sport Pedicure 45 minutes – from $45
Men’s Sport Manicure 45 minutes – from $30

Invigorate your hard working hands or tired feet with this manicure or pedicure, which includes a arm or leg and foot massage, buffing and shaping of the nails. The pedicure includes an exfoliating salt scrub and manicure includes a hot towel treatment.

Stress Relieving Manicure 60 minutes – from $43

While receiving a skillfully crafted manicure, melt away daily tension while you relax in our comfortable stress-relieving chair as you receive an upper body massage, including head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and back.

Additional Nail Services

Full Set French – from $90
Full Set – from $80
Fills French – from $45
Fills – from $40
Removal – from $60

To increase the longevity of the nail extensions, maintenance is recommended every 2 weeks and will vary by individual.

A revitalizing reflexology massage targeting trigger points in the feet or hands designed to relax your legs or feet creating balance for your whole body.

From $30

A revolutionary nail finish that dries instantly and keeps a perfect, high gloss finish for two weeks or more without chipping.

From $20

Our paraffin treatment includes dipping the hands into warm, melted paraffin wax, coating hands with a warm and soothing paraffin shell. This treatment is used as a way to replenish and soften the skin.

From $15

No time for a full Neroli manicure or pedicure? Our simple polish change incorporates the the latest OPI and Zoya nail colors.

From $15


Nail services are available at Neroli’s Downtown, Brookfield, Bayshore and Mequon locations.